Flash of Light

Recently, a number of individuals in the spiritual community have spoken about a flash of light. My understanding of these comments is that a unique light (seen or unseen) will come to the earth to shine light on all of mankind. This light is said to be positive and structured to help people shift into a more heart-centered energy and way of being.

As much as I’d like to see and experience such a magical moment my focus is always on the present and what is happening now.

My experience with light coming to the planet is different from what is described above. I’ve been shown many instances of increased light and energy flow. Some might see this as galactic or universally inspired, but my intuition tells me these energies come directly from the Great Central Sun.

The smaller “flashes” I’m experiencing are brought through subtle awareness and honestly, leave me speechless with each encounter. I’m sensing moments of purity, completeness, and love. And with each experience, there is an outward flow or expansion of energy onto the planet.

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Some of you might feel like I do on a car road trip. I find it very liberating and freeing but more than this, there is an element of expansion. There is a feeling of connectedness to all in the universe. The road and the feel of moving almost create a magic carpet of experience(s).

I cycle, and today I was out riding trails and enjoying the beauty of this early July day and letting the gentle breeze and sunshine breathe into my experience. The reason I mentioned road-tripping is to help this idea along. I rode at an easy pace, observing my surroundings in the same, easeful way. The more I let go of the world and let it become part of me, the more I sensed these universal openings and connections. I didn’t feel connected to the earth or my bike in a normal sense, and with the air rushing past, I could almost experience what a bird feels in flight. This, along with many very peaceful and light moments, came to me on my ride.

The trail I rode was about an hour ride, and I’m overjoyed and grateful to have spent this time exploring.

There is so much magic out there to explore.!


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Voice Withing the Trees

The Unraveling (a message)

Recently I was shown an image of a towel being wrung or twisted. It was twisted far beyond a normal range and looked completely distorted. I was being shown the twisted and distorted energy we are experiencing on the planet at this time.

The towel was pulling itself apart from the inside out, fibers collapsing to the pressure.

As I watched, they came in and spoke, “We are at a breaking point and many unhealthy energies need to be released.”

“If you remove this pressure all at once there will be harm to aspects within. The towel must be relaxed slowly in the same way pressure was originally applied. We are here to help you.”

If this wasn’t clear, the towel is a metaphor for humanity.

I was shown the inner workings of the towel and understood the relationship(s) within. Individual people connected, holding hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, some crowded very tightly. What struck me most were the energies people or groups held.

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Today’s Message (from the guides)

Take the ideas we give you and be with them. Please don’t dissect and intellectualize them.

These moments and ideas are steps in a process. Your role is to be ready and to receive.

If you take a message and turn it into something, you may lose the importance of it. Our messages are simple and often come in groups over time (as you know).

We offer what you call “nuggets” to excite you. Don’t let your excitement be diffused through complication. You will know what our message(s) mean naturally.  

We expect and encourage creativity, never wanting to curb this flow. In many ways, this is the future. Be creative and imaginative.

The time of now will bring much that is not yet known. There is much you will see, experience, and learn. You need to be at ease and in flow to bring these energies forward.

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The Beauty of Animals

This story comes from the field, through a wonderful friend, Tucker (Our Dragon Pup).

Tucker is our dog and came to us like all animal friends as a gift from God. Recently, while I was playing with Tucker, he stopped and calmed and looked at me. In this moment love flowed as pure as love can.

I thought about Tucker and the previous dogs we’ve had and was saddened that these beautiful creatures can’t stay longer. That they come and go in lives too short.

It was at this moment I held him closer and these words came forward from him.

He said, nothing of source light is ever gone, nothing leaves. What you can see and touch (like me) is an expression of source. We hope humans see this light through us and then see the light of creation within every living thing.

More than anything, we (the animals) want you to know there is no separation. The things you see in me and the things I see in you are a blending of energies made for this moment. This love that we share is never lost or forgotten.

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Meditation for Peace

I start by gradually releasing all thoughts and gently bringing focus to my heart, expanding light here.

Expanding my heart, sensations of warmth and peace are felt throughout my body. I continue to feel this growing sensation as it evolves into a golden sphere surrounding me. Powerful energy is with and I sense the presence of my entire team.

I rise up and into the atmosphere above the earth, able to see through the dark of night and witness the glorious earth below. From here I focus on the Middle East and find myself moving closer to this area of the planet below me.

This visual is amazing! I can see individual people across many countries. I see a beautiful strand of silver light connected to each person below. This strand flows upward through the night sky and connects behind me far out in the universe. This light strand provides powerful illumination for each human and I witness light traveling down to each person’s heart where it expands. This light flows downward through their bodies and feet, connecting to the earth.

The earth is providing powerful energy upward into each human body. This is a brilliant moment to witness as each body glows brighter and brighter. I sense a divine connection as this light pulses and strengthens.

What I see next is interesting. A pattern is drawn around the feet of every person, which looks like a glowing outline that matches the same golden frequency within each person. As the frequency increases within each being, so does the light ring around their feet. This pulsing ring expands outward touching objects, nature, and other humans.

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Ticks, Nature, and Fun

A friend once told me she and her husband regularly walk in the woods near their home. Checking for ticks when home she never finds ticks on herself but always on her husband. This is a long-standing thing.

This could be related to many things, but my friend has always said this was energetic. I agree.

Or is it trust? Trusting a deeper connection with nature?

Being in nature is like swimming in the ocean. We are stepping (swimming) into a realm more suited to other creatures than ourselves. Our instincts and performance are not as strong as the creatures that live there.

My experience with being in nature is similar to my friends and I rarely have any reason to question the presence of a negative outcome. I am more concerned about those who walk with me or our dogs. There was a time when I carried pepper spray for coyotes, now I don’t.

I don’t consider myself reckless but rather take simple measures to ensure safety at a basic level.

We all know fear. Understanding why we are fearful (or not) is important. I don’t see nature as something to fear but rather respect. Preparation is necessary, just like when taking a boat out to sea.

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Solar Eclipse 2024

people watching a solar eclipse in totality

Everyone will have their understanding of the recent solar eclipse, here is mine.

I noticed energy flowing in the days before the eclipse and acknowledged it for what it was, without expectation. I sensed a preparation, a flowing of energies to support what was coming.

The morning of the eclipse there was a building of energy. By midday, the energy I felt in my body was strong, almost too much for the physical to manage. I spent time grounding and working to settle the energy I was feeling, finding this quite challenging.

We drove a short distance to fall under totality and there was a sense of calm along the way. These moments were glorious as I could sense and feel a wave of profound hope, a feeling of love. I found this time quite emotional as there was an overwhelming sense of oneness.

When we arrived and got ready to witness the moment, I could sense even more calm.

In the moments of totality, there was quiet, even silence. I felt angelic energy above and a deep connection through the ethers down into the earth below. It was as if totality brought all the peace ever known.

People say that an eclipse is a reset point, this was very apparent to me. I also felt purification as if all the unpleasantness of the earth were being lifted and removed. In these moments of calm, I felt fully connected to the higher realms.

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Voice Within the Trees

inside the forest with a path ahead

As a boy, I saw the trees as something larger than life. I always looked up to them. The town my grandparents lived in had big trees along the streets and on the properties. There were so many large trees that there was always shade. These big trees made their city so awesome. It was like being inside a forest!

Our family cottage was on the same property as a provincial park which was primarily forested. The roads through the park had tall trees lining the way. Light fell on the road at funny angles and the scent was something else. This forest had the greatest smells which were constantly changing. The morning was different from afternoon and evening was a bit like morning as things got quiet. There was a scent of heat in summer and of moist leaves in the fall.

We also had farming in our family, at the farm, the maples stood stately along the west lawn. Trees lined the creek as it twisted and turned away from the house in both directions. It was a magical place in the late afternoon and evening, sitting and relaxing as the trees shimmered above.

Our house had young trees as did the entire neighborhood. To be amongst larger trees, we had to walk to Thomson Park or Morningside Park. There were big trees here, some of them had shapes and names carved into the bark. I often wondered if a tree felt special that someone had picked it to carve something on.

The story below is a small sample of the joy I’ve experienced with trees and their greater family, the forest.

(Part One – An Introduction)

A most beautiful journey started in the summer of 2015. This is a story of how trees came to me, telling me their story and the wisdom within.

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Band of Brothers (insight from the guides)

This weekend I started re-watching “Band of Brothers” a 2001 miniseries that follows the 101st Airborne “Easy Company” during World War II.

Not just that, I’ve watched several similar movies recently and visited Arlington, VA, along with the Vietnam and Korean Memorials in Washington.

There is no glorification of war here, just stark reminders of the service and loss to a nation, and many nations.

The question is, why was I drawn to these somber places and to watch these historical films? What was this calling?

I’ve been close to these spaces all my life, it’s deeply rooted.

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